White Drummer: 15 frog poems (Mamaragan) for D.P.

Robert MacPHERSON: artist

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About the work

White Drummer: 15 frog poems (Mamaragan) for D.P.
Artist/Maker and role
Robert MacPHERSON: artist
ink, pencil and watercolour on paper
a) 29.6 x 41.5 cm (sight-sheet)
a) 61.2 x 61.2 cm x 2.7cm (artists frame)
(a,f,g,h,k,l) 52.5cm x 52.5cm (sight - mount)
b) 29.5cm x 41.3 cm (sheet irregular)
b) 52.6cm x 52.8cm (sight-mount)
b) 61.1cm x 61.3cm x 2.7cm (Artists frame irregular)
c) 29.4cm x 41.3cm (sheet irregular)
c) 52.6cm x 52.5cm (sight -mount)
c) 61.2cm x 61.2cm x 2.6cm (Artists frame)
d) 29.6cm x 41.0 cm (sight - sheet)
d) 52.7cm x 52.6cm (sight-mount)
d) 61.2cm x 61.3cm x 2.6cm (Artists frame)
e) 29.8cm x 41.7cm (sight - sheet)
e) 52.9cm x 52.4cm (sight-mount)
e) 61.2cm x 61.1cm x 2.5cm (Artists frame)
f) 29.2cm x 41.1 cm (sight - sheet)
f) 61.4cm x 61.3cm x 2.5cm (Artist frame)
g) 29.1cm x 41.3cm (sight - sheet)
g,k) 61.3cm x 61.3cm x 2.7cm (Artist's frame)
h) 29.5cm x 40.5cm (sight - sheet)
h) 61.2cm x 61.3cm x 2.8cm (Artists frame)
i) 29.5cm x 41.1cm (sheet irregular)
i) 61.1cm x 61.4cm x 41.1cm (Artist's frame)
i) 52.0cm x 52.5cm (sight-mount)
j) 30.0cm x 41.5cm (irregular sheet)
j) 52.6cm x 52.6cm (sight - mount)
j) 61.3cm x 61.2cm x 2.7cm (Artists frame)
k) 28.8cm x 41.1cm (irregular sheet)
l) 21.4cm x 42.0cm (sheet)
l) 51.5cm x 52.5cm (sight - mount)
l) 61.5cm x 61.5cm x 2.5cm (Artist frame)
m) 21.5cm x 42.0cm (sheet irregular)
m) 52.6cm x 52.5cm (sight - mount)
m) 61.3cm x 61.4cm x 2.6cm (Artists frame)
n) 28.8cm x 41.4cm (sheet irregular)
n) 52.5cm x 52.4cm (sight - mount)
n) 61.2cm x 61.2cm x 2.6cm (Artists frame)
o) 24.6cm x 41.8 cm (sheet)
o) 52.8cm x 52.3cm (sight - mount)
o) 61.2cm x 61.2cm x 2.5cm (Artists frame)
Credit line
Purchased through the Sir Claude Hotchin Art Foundation, The Art Gallery of Western Australia Foundation, 1997
The State Art Collection, The Art Gallery of Western Australia
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