Money: Before pension day

Julie DOWLING: artist

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About the work

This is a painting of my twin sister and I sitting at our Nana’s kitchen
table drinking fresh milk. My Mum would travel to our Nana’s house
when we ran out of money and food. A cup of fresh milk was a luxury as
we’d usually have powdered milk instead because it was much cheaper.
The background is filled with everything we dreamed of having. The
crucifix is symbolic of the Catholic church who we feared. If they found
out we had no food, they could have taken us away from our Mum. So,
we used to keep it all secret whenever we went hungry.
Nana’s house was a state housing fibro house. It was great there
because it was always full of family. We would hunt in the bush where
the Tonkin Highway is now and often ranged all around the airport near
Money: Before pension day
Artist/Maker and role
Julie DOWLING: artist
synthetic polymer paint, ochre and mica gold on canvas
107 x 83 cm
Credit line
Purchased 1999
The State Art Collection, The Art Gallery of Western Australia
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This is one of the paintings in our collection.