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Since 1978 Jeff Wall has become known for large illuminated photographic transparencies. While this technique is more often associated with advertising than fine art, his photographs are definitely not ads, but neither do they share in the more familiar intent and tradition of documentary photography. Often referring to his work as 'near documentary', these colour transparencies have more affinity to nineteenth-century history painting and contemporary cinema. About this work, Wall has stated that: "he's just a really lower class guy, someone who really has almost nothing, someone trying to get a toe hold somewhere, in something. He is out everyday, either in sales or at the bottom end of a bureaucracy". Equally, the image can be linked to other less contemporary sources, such as nineteenth-centruy figures like Edgar Degas or Emile Zola, whose paintings and novels capture the quiet despair and tense exasperation of human existence.
Artist/Maker and role
Jeff WALL: artist
transparency in light box
198.1 x 243.8 x 21 cm
Production place
Vancouver, Canada
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Purchased through The Art Gallery of Western Australia Foundation, 1999
The State Art Collection, The Art Gallery of Western Australia
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