Brenda's wedding

Dianne JONES: artist

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About the work

In the background of this work is a painting by Eugene Von Guerard and I have inserted
a photograph of my family 'the Jones's' at my sister Brenda 's wedding. I have used icons
of Australian to reposition representation of Indigenous People. Paintings by iconic
artists Tom Roberts and Eugene Von Guerard often portrayed a romantic idea of a land
which was a peaceful, fat and wealthy land under endless blue skies. When Indigenous
People were painted it was all too often as a part of the flora and fauna and without
names or identities, insignificantly fading into the background. When white Australians
were recorded either in paintings or written history they were always given names and
some information about them and so I have positioned my family as the main focus of the
paintings and given them an identity and importance that Indigenous People were not
afforded. My family and myself did not match the images that I was seeing in history
books or in artworks.
MR 20/09/18
Brenda's wedding
Artist/Maker and role
Dianne JONES: artist
laser print on canvas
45 x 75 cm
Credit line
Purchased 2001
The State Art Collection, The Art Gallery of Western Australia
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