Model for 'Torse de Geant' [Torso of a giant]

Jean ARP: artist

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About the work

Versions of this sculpture by Jean Arp are also titled Evocation: Human Lunar Spectral, which offers a clue to understanding this work. Arp’s sculpture is not a literal representation of a torso; rather it is intended to open up the imagination – to the celestial and spiritual worlds as well as the earth-bound. Jean Arp was a sculptor who drew inspiration for his work from nature, believing that artistic creation paralleled that of nature, and that an art based in the forms of the natural world would help to move us from a society constricted by over-reliance on reason. He developed a type of organic abstraction, or biomorphism, utilising round, fluid shapes to suggest the energy inherent in nature. Thus Torso de Géant does not present the remnants of a body, but a form full of life, ready to grow.
Model for 'Torse de Geant' [Torso of a giant]
Artist/Maker and role
Jean ARP: artist
120.0 x 95.0 x 91.0 cm
150 x 150 cm (large base)
Credit line
Gift of Madame Arp through Madame Madelaine Chalette Lejwa, 1978
The State Art Collection, The Art Gallery of Western Australia
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