Victory Hole

Churchill (Yoonany) CANN: artist

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Cann's vision depicts worlds within worlds, with soft layering of pigments and
gentle marks. The translucency of the earth pigments and ochres allow the
viewer to see through the layers - as if he is telling us to look through the
material world we 'see' with our eyes to the esoteric fabric of Kija life that
embeds his cultural existence. Rover Thomas and other Warmun artists
shared a painted vision of the world that was solid and robust, as well as
revealing a pragmatic awareness of the landscape and its contours, made by
ancestral figures. Cann takes these ideas further, showing sensitivity and
awareness of a hidden world which has not previously been seen, taking
Warmun art to the next step of its evolution. His work connects and
transforms other works by artists from Warmun in the State Art Collection by
pushing the style boundaries of the Warmun art practice.
MR 21/09/2018
Copied from aquisition.
Victory Hole
Artist/Maker and role
Churchill (Yoonany) CANN: artist
natural ochres and pigment on canvas
150.0 x 150.0 cm
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Purchased through the Sir Claude Hotchin Art Foundation, The Art Gallery of Western Australia Foundation, 2014
The State Art Collection, The Art Gallery of Western Australia
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