Places of Ngarrgaroon

Patrick MUNG MUNG: artist

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Patrick Mung was born at a place called Spring Creek that is located in Texas - where he later grew up on the homestead of Texas where he later met his wife Betty. While in his youth he worked hard as a stockman for many years on his country as well as nearby stations throughout the East Kimberley. In this artwork Patrick has painted the landscape and the places that are associated with his country, Ngarrgaroon (Texas); these places are very special to him as some areas still contains old cultural rock paintings and important dreamtime stories. These places include Red Butte, Horse Creek and Meriyin. Red Butte: is the whole bottom section of artwork; The red hill that is seen in the right bottom corner is the main hill that sits on Texas country. Patricks says that In the early days there was an old woman from Mabel Downs Station who went hunting for sugarbag (honey). She got lost and kept walking making her way on to Lolly Creek who then ended up in a cave in Red Butte. She stayed and lived there for good where she began to turned wild, she couldn't go back to her people as she got so used to being on her own and would run away whenever she saw people. The cave lies in these hills. Horse Creek: Is a creek represented as the light grey ochre pigments you see flowing from the bottom of a place called Meriyin, all the way into Red Butte hills below. This part of the area is a special place where old people use to set up villages along near the creek in the early days. "Gardiya (whitefellas) call it Horse Creek". Meriyin: Is a traditional camping place in Texas country and can be seen within the middle of painting, described as the patch of pink, above the pink there are dark green triangular shapes - these are what Patrick describes as nawans (caves). This is the place where old rock paintings still remain and are well preserved.. Patrick has been to each and everyone of these places along with his wife and children, as well as grandchildren, while throughout his younger days up until now. He teaches them about the stories and culture of our way - Gija way because it is very important to keep these traditions alive. "One day we old people wont be around anymore to teach you mob, that's why its up to you mob, when we leave this world. You mob (children, grandchildren) will have to take over for us"
Places of Ngarrgaroon
Artist/Maker and role
Patrick MUNG MUNG: artist
natural ochre and pigment on canvas
150.0 x 180.0 cm
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Purchased through The Art Gallery of Western Australia Foundation: COVID-19 Arts Stimulus Package, 2020
The State Art Collection, The Art Gallery of Western Australia
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