Namarali (Wororra god)

Donny Nyorna WOOLAGOODJA: artist

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Namarali is the great Wandjina that belongs to the Wororra tribe. Namarali represents the top, middle and bottom Wororra tribes up the North West Kimberley on the coast. His Laws, Culture and Language start from Oobagooma and go north towards Prince Region this is where the Wororra boundary ends. Namarali created many laws for the Wororra people which relate specifically to funeral customs. He was speared in a Wandjina war at Langii north of Doubƞul Bay. The painting of Namarali lies five kilometers inland from Langii in a cave. The artist Donny Woolagoodja is responsible for the care of this painting.
Namarali (Wororra god)
Artist/Maker and role
Donny Nyorna WOOLAGOODJA: artist
ochre on canvas
80.0 x 50.0 cm
Credit line
Purchased through The Art Gallery of Western Australia Foundation: COVID-19 Arts Stimulus Package, 2020
The State Art Collection, The Art Gallery of Western Australia
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