Tipungwuti finds the Nyingawi

Bede (Ampuruwaiuah) TUTUULUM: artist

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In this painting Tungutalum continued to extend his earlier use of figurative idioms and hand-painted Tiwi design elements. The figures are a narrative rendition of a traditional story of warfare between ancestral inhabitants of Bathurst Island, the artists home. The island's art traditions are substantially non-figurative; however nearly two decades' experience as a screen printer enabled the artist to develop a distinctive figurative approach. In the two years prior to the purchase of this piece, Tungutalum had increasingly turned to direct painting, with iconic central figures - fish and other animals - dominating the canvas.
Tipungwuti finds the Nyingawi
Artist/Maker and role
Bede (Ampuruwaiuah) TUTUULUM: artist
ochre and synthetic polymer paint on canvas on plywood
160.6 x 110.2cm (sight)
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Purchased 1988
The State Art Collection, The Art Gallery of Western Australia
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This is one of the textiles in our collection.